Submission Guidelines

Submission window open until 30th June

You are invited to submit your own ‘journey around your room’ — that is, the room in which you usually write. You may interpret this brief as literally or laterally as you choose. You might focus exclusively on an account of the space; you might allow your mind to wander into the territories of memory, association, speculation and imagination; you might be descriptive and/or discursive.

Take some time to browse de Maistre’s original text, and to look at other writers’ submissions; you may take inspiration from, or write in response to these texts.

We recommend that you set aside an hour or two at most for this work. We are looking for snapshots of thought and experience.

Please submit a text of up to 600 words, in any form of poetry or prose. Within this word limit you may be as brief as you wish — fill the space, or write just a single sentence or a haiku, if you like. Please also submit an accompanying image of your choice (which must be in the public domain). This may be a picture of your room, or a detail/object from it; it may be something associative that relates to the text you’ve submitted.

Give your work a short title, and include a one-line ‘byline’ telling us who you are (e.g. ‘… is in their second year of a PhD in The Contemporary Novel: Practice as Research at the University of Kent’), along with a link to your website or research profile and/or Twitter/Instagram handles.

Please also let us know where you are in the world, and feel free to send us an author pic.

Submissions should be sent to

– Up to 600 words of text with a short title as a Word document 
– Image(s) as jpeg files no larger than 2MB
– One-line by-line
– Link to your website/research profile and/or social media handles
– Your location

All delegates attending UEA’s Futures for Creative Writing conference (21-22 May 2021) are invited to submit. All unsolicited submissions will be considered, but we don’t guarantee publication.

Copyright to the text and images on this site is retained by the contributors, and should not be copied or reproduced without express consent. The site managers may use content for the purposes of publicity, but will not use the submitted texts and images for any other purpose without the express permission of the author.