Between Heritage and Sustainability

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House of Lords, Westminster

Between Heritage and Sustainability

Restoring the Palace of Westminster's nineteenth century ventilation system

This is the web page of the research project ‘Between Heritage and Sustainability – Restoring the Palace of Westminster’s nineteenth-century ventilation system.’ It is funded through a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and coordinated by Dr. Henrik Schoenefeldt, AHRC Leadership Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture at the University of Kent.

The main aim of the project is to gain a detailed and critical understanding of the original Victorian ventilation system inside the House of Parliament. The project covers five key areas. The first two areas focus on retracing the design development process and on reconstructing the design of the historic system. This is followed by studies looking at how the system had performed historically and how its design continued to be refined after its construction. At the final stage the findings of the research into the historic system will feed into a series of design studies, in this project Dr. Schoenefeldt is working with the parliamentary authorities and those teams and individuals involved in the restoration programme. These ranged from the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme team itself to architects, engineers and other teams within the Parliamentary Estates Directorate. More details about each of these areas can be found in the menu bar above.