Mariska van der Horst was an invited speaker for the Division Ageing and Social Change (ASC) at Linköping University online ISAR – Interdisciplinary Seminars on Ageing Research. For more information about this seminar series, see here.


Sarah Vickerstaff and Mariska van der Horst were invited to the ‘Mature Movers’ by Rosaria Barreto (December 2022). You can find that wherever you get your podcasts. A video recording of the interview can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ermJqB5jWmI

Centre for Ageing Better invited Mariska van der Horst to write a blog about when Ageism is really Ableism (December 2022): https://ageing-better.org.uk/blogs/when-ageism-really-ableism



  • Sarah Vickerstaff was a speaker at the online symposium ‘Organisational Influences on Extended Working Lives’,organised by the British Society of Gerontology Work and Retirement Special Interest Group. For details of the event see here, and for the PowerPoint of the presentation Sarah gave, see here.
  • Mariska van der Horst was a panel member for a webinar on Ageism, ableism and the coronavirus, organised by ILC-UK. This webinar was on Thursday July 9, 2020 and can be watched back here.
  • Sarah Vickerstaff was a guest on the Redundancy Podcast (for trailer of podcast featuring Sarah as well, click here). The full episode with Sarah can be found here.


  • Sarah and Mariska organised a symposium for the GSA in Austin, Texas. They presented both within and outside this symposium.  

  • Mariska presented at the BSG conference 2019 some results of first studies on internalised and gendered ageism.