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Publications and Data

Hanoi Dissemination Workshop Report: The Project Dissemination Workshop took place in Hanoi in May 2019.  The report highlights the content, process and results of the workshop.

Manual for the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Version 1.0:  The manual is designed for planners and policy-makers without technical expertise in Operational Research, to run the computer-based optimisation model, to compare alternative flood mitigation strategies under different climate change scenarios.

Community Perceptions of Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Flooding in Central Districts of Hanoi, Vietnam: Link to paper published in the British Academy Journal, highlighting the results of the social, economic and environmental impact assessment.

Flood Modelling Group Report, by the Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change (IMHEN): A simulation of the historical flooding in Hanoi in 2008, generating flood maps under different climate scenarios, and considering a range of mitigation measures carried out to improve Hanoi’s drainage system, using MIKE URBAN software.

Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment:  In support of the optimisation modelling process, the assessment demonstrates how the impacts of flooding in Hanoi are felt primarily along the city’s road systems, by residents and by visiting traders, with disproportionate impact on women.

GCRF OSIRIS Research Presentation (Powerpoint):  As presented by Professor Scaparra at the ‘Change and Challenges: Award Holder Seminar’ organised by the British Academy in London in January 2019.

Stakeholder Analysis: The analysis maps government agencies and other institutions with influence on, or interest in, optimizing investment strategies for flood mitigation on the road system in Hanoi.

Literature Review: The review considers existing background documentation about flood risk management projects in similar circumstances in Vietnam, existing tools and methods for optimizing investments, and existing literature on Operational Research methods relevant to this research.