Portrait of  Rosalind Beeching

Rosalind Beeching

Project Manager


Rosalind Beeching is the Project Manager for COMPASS. She has worked at the University of Kent for over 18 years in an administrative capacity across a range of schools and departments. In her previous role as the Head of Graduate School Administration, she managed the Graduate School (GS) team, working with the Dean of the GS on the development, planning and delivery of the University’s strategic objectives for graduate education and research at Kent. She also has extensive experience of working with external HEIs through Kent’s prestigious Doctoral Training Partnerships. As Project Manager, Rosalind is supporting Professor Korosteleva in her role as Scientific Director and PI. Rosalind oversees and enables communication between partners, funders and relevant stakeholders, provides full administrative, personnel and financial support to the scientific coordination and management of the project.

Last updated 3rd March 2021