Portrait of Dr Nargis Nurulla–Khodzhaeva

Dr Nargis Nurulla–Khodzhaeva


Nargis Nurulla–Khodzhaeva senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow (Russia), and a Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Institute of Asian and African Studies) (Russia).

Nargis’ research presently focuses on the concept of global resilience and neighboring community of Central Asia. In a Modern time communities are still powerful intermediaries and intermediary structures. Monographs: Community in the Central Asian region (Dialectics of traditions and modernization at the beg. of XXI cent.) (2012); Gender stereotypes in Central Asia (2006). Most recent articles: “Temptation” of Michel Foucault and Sufi’s Wanderings of “Historian” (Voprosy Filosofii, 2019 Moscow, Russia)

Last updated 29th May 2020