Portrait of Dr Ulugbeck Khasanov

Dr Ulugbeck Khasanov


Project Role: Support the PI in project development and implementation, with a particular oversight over UWED and its national priorities; have administrative and financial responsibility for the project delivery at UWED.

Ulugbeck A. Khasanov is a Chair of International Relations Department / Associate Professor at the University of World Economics & Diplomacy. He graduated Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and later its Graduate School of Political Science. In 2003 he defended PhD dissertation on issues of Regional Security and National Interests of CA5 at the Moscow Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In January-June 2004 he participated in University Extension Program at UC Berkeley. In 2009-2011 he served as Press Secretary/Aide to the President of Uzbekistan. Ulugbeck Khasanov has 50 plus publications, monograph and textbooks. His research interests cover the field of international relations theory, its general trends, attributes, behavior, driving forces, determining dimensions of the Central Asian politics.

His current publications:

  • On Specifics of National Interests & Economic Security (CONTEMPORARY DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS ON ECONOMICS, INNOVATIONS & ENVIRONMENT – Volume of research papers / UWED – 2018)
  • Some Aspects of Regional Security (International Journal of Afro-Eurasian Research II April, 17-20, 2017 Malaga, Spain – Printed volume of research articles)
  • Roots & Potential Future of Ukrainian Crisis (The Future Center for Advanced Researches and Studies Publications 9th Edition, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2015)
  • Central Asian Security System: Challenges & Threats (The Future Center for Advanced Researches and Studies Publications 7th Edition, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2015)
  • Sense of Cohesion (Religion, Security & Citizenship Conference Report, Wee Kim Wee Center at Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore – February 22-26, 2015)
  • Past & Future of Cross Border Security in Central Asia (NATO–UWED Expert Level Conference Report, October, 2014)
  • Intricate Specifics of Regional Water Security in Central Asia (Center for Rural & Industrial Development, Chandigarh – India, January/2014)
  • Eurasia’s Cross-Border Threats (Carnegie Endowment Review, USA, October 18, 2013)


Last updated 18th January 2021