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Global Challenges Doctoral Centre

Interdisciplinary Publishing

Led by Dr Robert Barker, GCDC supervisor in the School of Physical Sciences

When: Tuesday, 17 November 2-4pm

Where: Online, via MS Teams GCDC Channel

Open to: GCDC postdoctoral researchers, PhDs and affiliate students. The session will be opened to the wider PhD community if space allows.

Book: Email kentgcdc@kent.ac.uk to register. Spaces are limited!


Interdisciplinary Publishing ( or ‘Working at the Interface of Disciplines’)

As your research progresses from developing a project idea and reading the literature, through to working with collaborators with a broad range of expertise to deliver your project and communicating the results of your work through publication and presentation, you will likely find yourself often at the interface between traditional disciplines. Understanding, working with and communicating your results to such diverse audiences is therefore a vital tool for the modern researcher. Therefore, in this interactive workshop we will discuss how to:

– Understand the publishing process.

– Appraise the literature and build an understanding of new and complex fields.

– Construct compelling stories from your research results for diverse audiences.

– Select the best way to communicate your results.

The workshop will be interactive and will involve you discussing your own research field and considering the challenges of the literature, publishing and communication of results of your own project.

Dr. Rob Barker has 15 years of experience of research and communication of research at the interface between disciplines, including time spent in industry, running his own company and in academic institutions leading projects ranging from public art exhibitions and large scale social education and public health projects working with school children through to using the natural sciences and engineering to design the healthcare technology of tomorrow. He also currently works as part of a large national project looking to train the trans-disciplinary researchers of the future and delivers material on appraising the literature and publishing to health professionals in the NHS.

The GCDC aims to offer pre-recorded versions of all in-person sessions for researchers who are working remotely in the autumn term. These will be made available in due course (where possible) on our virtual resources page.