Send us your feedback

The FIPP/FIP-MO team at the University of Kent are keen to assess the impact of our practice and research. Consequently, we are inviting professionals who work with individuals with a history of firesetting or fire-related risk behaviours to provide us with feedback via a short survey.

We are hoping to assess the extent to which clinicians and practitioners are using the Multi-Trajectory Theory of Adult Firesetting and the Four Factor Fire Scales and how they have impacted on clinical practice. For your reference, the papers concerning these are available at the links below:

Four Factor Fire Scales
Multi Trajectory Theory of Adult Firesetting (M-TTAF)

The survey will ask a series of short questions about if and how you have used the Four Factor Fire Scales and the M-TTAF for assessment or formulation purposes.

We are also keen to assess the impact of our training workshops for practitioners entitled ‘Assessment and Treatment of Adult-Perpetrated Deliberate Firesetting’. If you have attended one of these workshops, we would really appreciate you completing the survey so that we can monitor the impact of our assessment and treatment protocols on clinical practice (i.e., whether people are benefiting from them).

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed via the following link: Access survey.

We would also greatly appreciate if you could pass the survey on to any of your colleagues who may be working with individuals who deliberately set fires.

We also have a survey for Fire and Rescue Services personnel who have attended our workshops entitled ‘Understanding Adult Firesetting and Available Treatment for the Fire and Rescue Service’. If you would like to take part in this survey please contact us at

Thank you for time and input. It is greatly appreciated!