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TIE Conference 2016

The seventh conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe (TIE2016) took place 1-3 September 2016 at the University of Kent.

The Centre for Language and Linguistics (CLL) sponsored the ‘Tone and Intonation in Europe Conference 2016‘, at which two CLL prizes were awarded for the best student presentation. The winners were Cong Zhang from the University of Oxford, whose presentation was entitled ‘Tones and tunes in Tianjin Mandarin’, and Ann Aly from the University of California, Los Angeles, who spoke on ‘Prosodic patterns of code-switching in Spanish-Basque bilinguals.’

IPA awards went to to Robin Karlin, Yang Li, and Covadonga Sanchez-Alvarado; and LabPhon awards to Katharina Zahner and Xin Li.

Full details of the Conference, including the programme, is available on the TIE Conference 2016 website.