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Centre for Language and Linguistics events

Lectures and seminars

The Centre for Language and Linguistics’ events programme provides a forum in which colleagues from the University of Kent and from other universities in the UK and abroad can present aspects of their current research in the field of linguistics research.

The Centre’s guest lecture series forms part of its events programme and runs throughout the academic year and is open to all members of the University as well as the general public. Contributions from researchers in all areas of linguistic enquiry are welcome.

Four readings groups convene throughout the academic year: Syntax, Stylistics, Language & Cognition, and Discourse, Power, and Society. Guests are welcome to join regular discussions of thought-provoking papers and to suggest readings.

The Centre also organises a range of workshops that aim to support the acquisition of new research skills at different levels of specialisation.

For more information, contact Eleni Kapogianni, Director of the Centre for Language and Linguistics.