Connected Central European Worlds, 1500-1700

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Curator Forum

Online, 14th March 2022, 2-3pm GMT (3-4pm CET/4-5pm EET)

Shaping the direction of the Connected Central European Worlds network

Teams, 14th March 2022, 2-3pm GMT (3-4pm Europe)

Our thesis is that an in-depth analysis of objects from Central and Eastern Europe will reveal new insights into how the region was embedded in global networks in the early modern period, and thus bring Central and Eastern European history to the attention of global scholars. Our intention is to bring together an international interdisciplinary network of academics and museum professionals to investigate how these connected worlds were mutually constitutive through a focus on material and cultural analysis of artefacts.

We want to find ways in which we can work collaboratively with museum professionals that are equally helpful for curators and their institutions. Mindful of the fact that there are both opportunities and challenges in working between academia and museums, the Curator Forum is designed to start a dialogue around key questions.

Points for discussion include:

  • What are your main priority areas and what does your work currently consist of?
  • Where might a network or research project might fit into this? I.e. do you need to justify your involvement in external projects to your institution?
  • What would enable you to become involved? Do you need to connect to projects/research objectives in your institutions? Do you need funded time?
  • How could the network be useful to you and your institution?
  • What questions do you have about your Central and Eastern European collections? How can academics and researchers be helpful?
  • What outputs (publications, blogs, seminars papers) would be useful in your field/to your careers?
  • What types of knowledge are you interested in developing in relation to the relevant objects? E.g. provenance, techniques etc.

If you would like to take part in the forum, please email Suzanna for the Teams link: