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Connected Central European Worlds, 1500-1700

Aegidius Sadeler II (Antwerp 1568–1629 Prague), Mechti Kuli Beg, Persian Ambassador to Prague, Engraving (1605) (c) MetMuseum

The Connected Worlds of Central Europe, 1500-1700 (June 2023)
University of Kent

The conference will focus on the key research questions: What does an analysis of the stylistic and material components as well as inscriptions of extant objects reveal about the connections of Central Europe? How did these material networks emerge? What were the trading and migration routes across Central Europe in this period (both inter-regional and global)? How did these routes change and why? What were the agents in society that drove these material connections? How did economic supply and demand drive cross-border engagement in the region? How did cultural, religious and political channels foster material exchange? What role did individual artisans, merchants, patrons and consumers play?

It will consist of a mixture of panels and workshops. At least two panels will present research directly related to the methodologies and analysis explored in the ‘Mapping Connections Workshop’ and ‘Entangled Objects Workshop’. There will be an ongoing workshop to develop ideas for the ‘Museum in a Box’ with a focus group of Network friends (students from secondary schools, undergraduates, and interested individuals with Central European heritage).