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School of Economics


26 Feb 2020
Applied Microeconomics Research Day (Internal)

17-18 Feb 2020
Kent Bristol City Workshop in Economic Theory, University of Kent.

6 Nov 2019
Applied Microeconomics Research Day (Internal)

5 Nov 2019
MaGHiC PhD Workshop

20 Sep 2019
3rd Kent Workshop on Networks in Economics

24-25 Jun 2019
Workshop: Development Economics: Organisations, Institutions and the Mind

10-11 Jun 2019
Bristol Kent Southampton Workshop in Economic Theory, University of Bristol

16-17 May 2019
Short Course in Microeconometrics by Professor Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Michigan State University

8-9 May 2019
Kent Macro and Finance Workshop

4 Apr 2019
8th MaGHiC PhD Workshop

22 Nov 2018
Workshop: Labour Economics: Employment and Wage Determination in European Labour Markets.

19 Nov 2018
7th MaGHiC PhD Workshop

9 Nov 2018
IntraMaGHiC Internal Workshop

12 Oct 2018
2nd Kent Workshop on Networks in Economics

10-14 Sep 2018
Workshop: Introductory Practical GE Modelling. Hosted by the School of Economics at the University of Kent and run by the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS), Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

27 Jun 2018
Workshop: New Findings on Scientific Productivity at the University of Kent. Further information from Dr Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon.

19-20 Apr 2018
Workshop: Money, Macroeconomics and Finance PhD Workshop 2018: Call for papers
Sponsored by MaGHiC, MMF, Bank of England and CIMS (Surrey).

15 Mar 2018
6th MaGHiC PhD Workshop

20 Nov 2017
Workshop: The Economics and Human Aspects of Cyber-Security

16 Oct 2017
5th MaGHiC PhD Workshop

29 Sep 2017
1st Kent Workshop on Networks in Economics

14 Jul 2017
Workshop: Labour Economics: Labour Supply Employment and Policy

21-22 Jun 2017
Workshop: Microeconomic Approach to Development Economics

5 May 2017
AMSE and MaGHiC Macroeconomic Workshop 2017

16 Mar 2017
4th MaGHiC PhD Workshop

1-2 Dec 2016
Rural Jobs and the CAP: Analysis of the contribution of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to European rural employment – past, present and future, a seminar in partnership with the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Policy Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

9-10 Dec 2016
Workshop: Structural Transformation and Economic Dynamics

29 Sep 2016
3rd MaGHiC PhD Workshop

20-21 Apr 2016
Workshop: Economic and psychological perspectives on social issues using an experimental approach

29 Jan 2016
2nd MaGHiC PhD Workshop

Dec 2016-Mar 2017
Seminar Series: Behavioural Insights from Economics and Psychology

26 Nov 2015
CEAS: PhD Workshop on Microeconomics

1 Sep 2015
MaGHiC PhD workshop

20 Mar 2015
AMSE and MaGHiC Workshop: Macroeconomic Challenges in the International Economy

18 Dec 2014
Workshop: Labour Markets, Public Policy and the Business Cycle

5 Jun 2014
Kent Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) meeting on Labor markets and human capital in historical perspective

24 Jun 2011
Conference: Regional Trade Agreements: New developments and expectations

26-27 Jun 2009
111th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists and International Association of Agricultural Economists: Small farms: Decline or Persistence?

Oct 2008
Conference: The ‘Food Crisis’ of 2008: Lessons for the Future

Jun 2007
CEAS Workshop: Tax and Tax Concessions – The Hidden Support System for Agriculture?

Nov 2006
CEAS Workshop: Agricultural Trade and Policy Reform: Where is the Action?