Discussion papers

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2303:  (Endogenous) Growth Slowdowns Miguel Leon-Ledesma and Katsuyuki Shibayama

2302: Measuring productivity in networks: A game-theoretic approach Nizar Allouch, Luis A. Guardiola and A. Meca

2301:  Routine-biased technical change, structure of employment, and cross-country income differences Werner Pena and Christian Siegel


2205: Neuroticism and Sport: How Personality affects Lifestyle in the UK Rowan Cherodian, Adelina Gschwandtner, Sarah L. Jewell, and Uma Kambhampati

2204: Climate Change and Political Participation: Evidence from India Amrit AmirapuIrma Clots-Figueras and Juan Pablo Rud

2203: Bayesian Estimation of Large-Scale Simulation Models with Gaussian Process Regression Surrogates Sylvain Barde

2202: Growth Volatility and Trade: Market Diversification vs. Production Specialization Adina ArdeleanMiguel Leon-Ledesma and Laura Puzzello

2201: Personalized Information Provision and the Take-Up of Emergency Government Benefits: Experimental Evidence from India Amrit AmirapuIrma Clots-FiguerasBansi MaldeAnirban MitraDebayan Pakrashi and Zaki Wahhaj


2114: Technology Adoption and Skills A Pilot Study of Kent SMEs Catherine RobinsonChristian Siegel and Sisi Liao

2113: Combining Stated and Revealed Preferences for valuing Organic Chicken Meat Michael BurtonAdelina GschwandtnerJose Eduardo Ribeiro and Cesar Revoredo-Giha

2112:  Consumer Preferences for Chlorine Washed Chicken, Attitudes to Brexit and Trade Agreements Kevin Balcombe, Dylan Bradley and Iain Fraser

2111:  Strategic Default in Financial |Networks Nizar Allouch, Maya Jalloul and Alfred Duncan

2110:  The Key Class in Networks Nizar Allouch and Jayeeta Bhattacharya

2109:  Aggregation in Networks Nizar Allouch

2108:  Reverse mode differentiation for DSGE models Alfred Duncan

2107:  Network Games, Peer Effect and Neutral Transfers Dike Chukwudi Henry

2106:  The Bonacich Shapley centrality N.Allouch, A.Meca, K.Polotskaya

2105:  Age, Inequality and the Public Provision of Healthcare Anirban Mitra

2104: Testing the Permanent Income Hypothesis using the Spanish Christmas Lottery Guillermo Cabanillas-Jiménez

2103: Are Two Sources of Credit better than One?: Credit Access and Debt among Microfinance Clients in Bangladesh Nudrat Faria Shreya

2102: Early Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Children in Rural Bangladesh Momoe Makino, Abu S. Shonchoy and Zaki Wahhaj

2101: Marriage Norms and Fertility Outcomes in Developing Countries Aniema Atorudibo


2005: Higher education funding, welfare and inequality in equilibrium Gustavo Mellior

2004: The Economic Analysis of Consumer Attitudes Towards Food Produced Using Prohibited Production Methods: Do Consumers Really Care? Kelvin Balcombe, Dylan Bradley and Iain Fraser

2003: Democratisation under Diversity: Theory and Evidence from Indonesian Communities Anirban Mitra and Sarmistha Pal

2002: Covid and Social Distancing with a Heterogenous Population Miltiadis Makris

2001: Can Child Marriage Law Change Attitudes and Behaviour? Experimental Evidence from an Information Intervention in Bangladesh Amrit Amirapu, M Niaz Asadullah, Zaki Wahhaj


1911: Estimation of a Hedonic Price Equation with instruments for Chicken Meat in the UK: Does the Organic Attribute matter? Eduardo Ribeiro, Adelina Gschwandter and Cesar Revoredo-Giha

1910: The Rise and Fall of US Manufacturing: Re-Examination of Long-Run Spatial Trends Nicholas Crafts and Alexander Klein

1909: Ethnic Identities, Public Spending and Political Regimes Sugata Ghosh and Anirban Mitra

1908: Macroeconomic simulation comparison with a multivariate extension of the Markov Information Criterion Sylvain Barde

1907: Ethnic Identities, Public Spending and Political Regimes Sugata Ghosh and Anirban Mitra

1906: The Effect of 9/11 on Immigrants’ Ethnic Identity and Employment: Evidence from Germany Isaure Delaporte

1905: Social Effects of the Vote of the Majority: A Field-Experiment on the Brexit-Vote Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon and Markus Bindemann

1904: Ethnic Identity and the Employment Outcomes of Immigrants: Evidence from France Isaure Delaporte

1903: The Determinants of Tax Revenue and Tax Effort in Developed and Developing Countries: Theory and New Evidence 1995-2015 Marcelo Piancastelli and Anthony Thirlwall

1902: Make Yourselves Scarce: The Effect of Demographic Change on the Relative Wages and Employment Rates of Experienced Workers Michael J. Böhm and Christian Siegel

1901: Engines of Sectoral Labor Productivity Growth Zsofia Barany and Christian Siegel


1814: The Effects of Risk and Ambiguity Aversion on Technology Adoption: Evidence from Aquaculture in Ghana Christian Crentsil, Adelina Gschwandtner and Zaki Wahhaj

1813: A Simple Model of Growth Slowdown Katsuyuki Shibayama

1812: Measured Productivity with Endogenous Markups and Economic Profits Anthony Savagar

1811: Endogenous Time-Varying Volatility and Emerging Market Business Cycles Jan-Philipp Dueber

1810: Marriage, Work and Migration: The Role of Infrastructure Development and Gender Norms Amrit Amirapu, M Asadullah and Zaki Wahhaj

1809: Population Aging, Government Policy and the Postwar Japanese Economy Keisuke Otsu and Katsuyuki Shibayama

1808: The Missing Link: Monetary Policy and The Labor Share Cristiano Cantore, Filippo Ferroni and Miguel Leon-Ledesma

1807: Constrained public goods in networks Adelina Gschwandtner and Richard McManus

1806: Constrained public goods in networks Nizar Allouch and Maia King

1805: The Fall in German Unemployment: A Flow Analysis Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Andrey Launov and Jean-Marc Robin

1804: Labor Responses, Regulation and Business Churn in a Small Open Economy Marta Aloi, Huw Dixon and Anthony Savagar

1803: Will Urban Migrants Formally Insure their Rural Relatives? Family Networks and Rainfall Index Insurance in Burkina Faso Harounan Kazianga and Zaki Wahhaj

1802: Social Diversity and Bridging Identity Maria Garcia-Alonso and Zaki Wahhaj

1801: Biased Technological Change and Employment Reallocation Zsofia Barany and Christian Siegel