Research seminars

The School of Economics hosts research seminars each week, during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, organised by Dr Aubrey Poon, Dr Rui Guan, and Dr Yuki Yao.

Seminar speakers are usually visiting academics from universities and institutions in the UK and abroad. In addition, the School and its research centres host a number of internal and external research events through the year.



Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Guilhem Cassan (University of Namur): Political Determinants of the News Market: Novel Data and Quasi-Experimental Evidence from India

Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Gautam Bose (UNSW Business School): TBD

Friday, May 10, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon (University of Kent): TBD

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Gary Koop (University of Strathclyde): TBD

Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Ning Zhang (University of Glasgow): Endogenous Domestic Competition and International Diversification

Friday, March 22, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Arkadiusz Szydlowski (University of Kent): Gender Wage Gaps Conditional on Employment Histories: A DML Approach Applied to Brazil

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 13:30-2:45, Mohammed Swalisu (University of Kent): Climate Change, Culture and Marriage Timing in Malawi

Friday, March 8, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Clement Minaudier (City University of London): Spillovers in State Capacity Building: Evidence from the Digitization of Land Records in Pakistan

Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 13:30-2:45, Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick): Innovation during challenging times

Friday, March 1, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Giulia Mantoan (Bank of England): When growth-at-risk hits the fan: comparing quantile-regression predictive densities with committee fan charts

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, 13:30-2:45, David Rojo Arjona (University of Leicester): The Predictive Success of Theories of Strategic Thinking: A Non-parametric Evaluation

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 13:30-2:45, Tatiana Komarova (University of Manchester): Multivariate ordered discrete response models

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 13:30-2:45, Karen Macours (Paris School of Economics), Menstrual Stigma, Hygiene, and Human Capital: Experimental Evidence from Madagascar

Friday, February 2, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Marta Morazzoni (University College London): Monetary Policy in a Multi-market Economy: The Role of Demand and Adjustment Costs

Friday, January 26, 2024, 12:00-13:00 Dan Zhu (Monash University): Time-varying Distributional Regression

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Jake Bradley (University of Nottingham): Labor Market Dynamics and Growth

Wednesday, January 17, 2024, 13:30-2:45 Paula Gobbi (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role of inheritance


Wednesday, December 6, 2023 13:30-2:45  Cristina Gualdani (Queen Mary University of London): Robust Identification in Repeated Games

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 13:30-2:45    Adam Spencer (University of Nottingham): Labour Market Power and the Dynamic Gains to Openness Reforms

Friday, November 17, 2023, 12:00-13:00  Roberta Ziparo (Aix-Marseille University): Delegation in the household: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Friday, November 17, 2023, 12:00-13:00  Michael Smith (University of Melbourne): Fast and Accurate Variational Inference for Models with Many Variables

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 13:30-2:45  Omar Rachedi (ESADE): Robot Adoption and Inflation Dynamics

Friday, November 3, 2023, 12:00-13:00  Andis Sofianos (Durham University): Does mining fuel bubbles? An experimental study on cryptocurrency markets

Friday, October 27, 2023, 12:00-13:00  Arkadiusz Szydlowski (University of Kent): Limit Theorems for Small Worlds

Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 13:30-2:45  Katharina Erhardt (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics): Go wide or go deep: Margins of export growth

Friday, October 20, 2023, 12:00-13:00  Mai Hakamada (IMF): Financial Crises, Investment Slumps, and Slow Recoveries

Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 13:30-2:45   Josh Weiss (Institute for International Economic Studies): Market Concentration, Growth, and Acquisitions

Friday, October 13, 2023, 12:00-13:00   Christian Ghiglino (University of Essex): Status substitution and conspicuous consumption

Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 13:30-2:45    Laura Mayoral (Institute for Economic Analysis (Spanish National Research Council)): Economic development in pixels: The limitations of nightlights and new spatially disaggregated measures of consumption and poverty

Friday, October 6, 2023, 12:00-13:00   Tim Willems (Bank of England): Battle of the markups: conflict inflation and the aspirational channel of monetary policy transmission

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 13:30-2:45    Esther Gehrke (Wageningen University): Regulating Manufacturing FDI: Local Labor Market Responses to a Protectionist Policy in Indonesia

Friday, September 29, 2023, 12:00-13:00   Ali Sen (University of Cambridge): Structural Change at a Disaggregated Level: Sectoral Heterogeneity Matters