Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS)

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At iCSS, we have a passion for engaging with the public. This involves a range of activities including, hosting and speaking at public events, contributing to media articles on current issues, and involving the public as we conduct our research.

We believe that through such engagement, we can actively contribute to society, locally, nationally and internationally. If you think that we may be able to support your organisation or community, please contact Dr Jason Nurse <>, iCSS Public Engagement Lead, and/or Professor Shujun Li <>, iCSS Director and Outreach Lead.

Presented below are some examples of public engagement activities our members have participated in.

  • Outreach Activities for Schools. For more information, please see our Outreach page for more about our ongoing and past activities.
  • Cyber security and online safety training activities. Since 2023, iCSS and its strategic partners KMCC (Kent & Medway Cyber Cluster) have been working together on cyber security and online safety training for the general public, especially in Kent and Medway. One joint ISC2-iCSS-KMCC 1MCC cyber security certification campaign is currently ongoing (see this news article for more details).
  • Raising public awareness and interacting with public media. See our ongoing and past activities in this area here.
  • Supporting cyber security related public-facing events as invited speakers or panellists. Read about past events here.
  • Public Engagement Events including the Kent Cyber Security Forum/Festival (KCSF), a Kent-branded annual public engagement event. Please see our events page for more information.

We have an external-facing mailing list to inform non-University of Kent people and organisations who are interested in hearing about news, events and other public announcements from the institute. If you are interested in subscribing to it, send an email to with a brief introduction to yourself (and your employer if that is relevant).