Portrait of  Haiyue Yuan

Haiyue Yuan

Research Associate, School of Computing


Dr Haiyue Yuan received his BEng in Mobile Communication Systems and MSc in Finance at the University of Sheffield. He earned his PhD in Electronic Engineering/Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with the research focus on user aspects of stereoscopic 3D video interaction from the Centre for Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey in 2013. Then, he continued to work as a Research Fellow at Department of Computer Science and CVSSP at the University of Surrey, on a number of inter-disciplinary projects. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Usable Security, Computational Cognitive Modeling, 3D video processing/applications, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. More information can be found from his website www.hyuan.co.uk.

Last updated 18 May 2023