Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS)

An important area of iCSS's activities is about innovation for the real world. Most research work conducted by iCSS researchers address real-world research problems, and some have benefited end users directly. For instance, we work with a wide range of organisations such as businesses and public bodies in many different areas, including but not limited to industry-funded PhDs and research projects, professional training, joint research and innovation projects such as those funded by the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, paid consultancy work, and collaborating in joint innovation projects. iCSS is also in the process of piloting an Cyber Security Innovation Hub, which will be used as a platform to allow iCSS researchers to better serve the needs of end users, especially in our region (Kent and Medway, South East England, and Short Straits).

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Supporting the cyber security community

iCSS supports the wider cyber security community via our research, as well as with technical reports for non-academic organisations, particularly, policy makers.

We also have a number of partnerships with external organisations that enable us to support the cyber security community at a local and national level.