Clinical and professional practice

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Development and evaluation of services

Development and evaluation of novel services.

Previous studies have evaluated public health services provided by community pharmacies such as pharmacy NHS health checks, weight management services and point of care testing and promoting physical exercise in depression. Studies are also researching how pharmacists can better support people with epilepsy and stroke.

Current Projects

Pharmacist reviews in epilepsy

Dr Trudy Thomas has evaluated the provision of medication reviews for patients with epilepsy as one method of supporting them to reduce medication-related issues. Current work, involving a PhD student, Michelle Cashin-Cox, is looking at how patients with epilepsy can have better consultations through completion of specifically-designed questionnaires.

Pharmacist support for stroke

Community pharmacy services for patients who have undergone a stroke is the focus of Dr Sarah Corlett and Mrs Linda Dodds, who have explored patients’ needs and how pharmacists can best provide support. Their work has been supported by the Stroke Association and has led to the development of a screening tool to identify those most at risk of poor adherence and direct them to a community pharmacist for support.