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Centre for astrophysics and planetary science

Group Seminars 2021-22

Programme of Group Talks for Autumn Term

Date Location Time Speaker Title
28 Sept Teams 16:00 Dr Froebrich (Guest) The Beacon Observatory – Science, Outreach and Public Engagement
05 Oct Teams 16:00 Dr Carsten Koenig (MPIfR) Outer Galaxy High-Resolution Survey (OGHReS) (slides/recording)
12 Oct Teams 16:00 Prof. Nigel Mason Astrochemistry
19 Oct Teams 16:00 Prof. Mark Burchell Icy Ocean Worlds – What is in them?
26 Oct Teams 16:00 Jack Finch An investigation into icy and permafrost crater relaxation
2 Nov Teams 16:00 Prof. Michael Smith Astrophysical Jets
9 Nov Teams 16:00 Duncan Mifsud Radiation-Induced Solid-Phase Astrochemistry: Recent Results from the ICA Apparatus in Debrecen
16 Nov Teams 16:00 Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz Impacts/Micrometerites
23 Nov Teams 16:00 Alex Corrigan & Matt Dickers Summer Intern Project
30 Nov Teams 16:00 Luke Cornwell Validation of a Prototype Kapton TOF Detector and First Results
07 Dec Teams 16:00 Dr Vassi Spathis Impacts and Organics
14 Dec Teams 16:00 Aishling Dignam The ultimate passive space debris detector

Programme of Group Talks for Spring Term

Date Location Time Speaker Title
18 Jan Teams 16:00 Carys Herbert TBC
25th Jan Teams 16:00 Reece Wilkinson Exploration of Methodologies for Investigating Bacterial Survival in Impacts
1st Feb Teams 16:00 Aashini Patel Search for Hypercompact HII regions in the Southern Galactic Plane
8th Feb Teams 16:00 Dan Hallatt Exploring the Characterization of Pulsed-Laser Induced Cratering on Hydrated Minerals
15th Feb Teams 16:00 Gary Newport TBC
22th Feb Teams 16:00 Chrysa Avdellidou TBC
1st March Teams 16:00 Perry Hailey TBC
8th March Teams 16:00 Carl Richards TBC
15th March Teams 16:00 Matthias van Ginneken TBC
22th March Teams 16:00 Jon Tandy TBC
29th March Teams 16:00 Chris Lynch TBC
5th April Teams 16:00 Sergio Ioppolo TBC