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Centre for astrophysics and planetary science

Seminars & Colloquia 2019-20

We have a regular programme of seminars by internal and external speakers.

Programme of Group Talks

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Date Location Time Speaker Title
24 Sept Ingram R110 16:00 All AGM
01 Oct Stacy LT2 16:00 Dr Dirk Froebrich The Beacon Observatory
8 Oct Ingram R110 16:00 Dr James Urquhart Star Formation Across the Galaxy
15 Oct Ingram R110 16:00 Vassi Spathis Impact shock synthesis of prebiotic molecules
22 Oct Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Chrysa Avdellidou OSIRIS-REx & Hayabusa2 asteroid sample return missions: Impact process on “new” space materials.
29 Oct Stacy LT2 16:00 Sam Billington Investigating the associations between maser species and dense Galactic clumps
5 Nov Stacy LT2 16:00 Dr James New Life on Saturn’s Moon? The Enceladus Organic Analyser and the Pursuit of Extraterrestrial Life
12 Nov Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Matthias van Ginneken Micrometeorites and the flux of extraterrestrial matter to Earth
19 Nov Ingram R110 16:00 Prof. Michael Smith Jets and Winds
26 Nov Ingram R110 16:00 Tarik Zegmott Shape model and spin-state analysis of the contact-binary (68346) 2001 KZ66
03 Dec Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz TBD
10 Dec Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Agata Rożek Asteroids in 3D
14 Jan Ingram R110 16:00 Prof. Nigel Mason Astro-Chemistry
21 Jan Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Tim Kinnear Utilizing the power of computing in Astronomy and Planetary Science
Postponed Ingram R110 16:00 Prof. Mark Burchell Can we identify organic microparticles by flying through the Europan or Enceladan Plumes?
28 Jan Ingram R110 16:00 Dr James Urquhart Overview of the SEDIGISM Survey
4 Feb Ingram R110 16:00 NA NA
11 Feb Ingram R110 16:00 Prof. Stephen Lowry Comet Interceptor: ESA’s First F-Class Mission
18 Feb Ingram R110 16:00 Lord Dover The YORP effect and physical modelling of near-Earth asteroid (23187) 2000 PN9
25 Feb Stacy LT2 16:00 Callum Fisher Survivability of Biological Material following Hypervelocity Impacts
3 Mar Ingram R110 16:00 Michael Willcock Impact of triggered star formation in the Galaxy
10 Mar Ingram R110 16:00 Dr Duncan MacKay Astroaesthetics II
17 Mar Ingram R110 16:00 Alejandra Traspas-Muina (Postponed) Survival of tardigrades in hyper-velocity impacts
Zoom Stacy LT2 16:00 Niall Niller Long term variability of stars in Cygnus
31 Mar Zoom 16:00 Alejandra Traspas-Muina Survival of tardigrades in hyper-velocity impacts
5 May Zoom 16:00 Prof. Michael Smith Discussion on Selected Star Formation Topics
12 May Zoom 16:00 Dr Justyn Campbell-White Mapping the Accretion and Inner Disk of Pre-Main Sequence Stars with Emission Line Tomography’
19 May Zoom 16:00 Duncan Mifsud Astrophysical Chemistry: Current Work at the ATOMKI Institute for Nuclear Research in Debrecen, Hungary
26 May Zoom 16:00 Aishling Dignam The ultimate passive space debris detector
2 June Zoom 16:00 Prof. Mark Burchell Dust and the Deep Space Gateway
9 June Zoom 16:00 Dr Dirk Froebrich Measuring Spot Properties on Stars.
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