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Centre for astrophysics and planetary science

Group Seminars 2020-21

Programme of Group Talks Summer Term

Date Location Time Speaker Title
11 May Teams 16:00 Carys Herbert Finding Surface Features of Young Stars with HOYS Data
18 May Teams 16:00 Jack Finch Hypervelocity Impacts into Permafrost and Icy Targets
25 May Teams 16:00 James Urquhart ATLASGAL – High-reliability Catalogue of High-mass Star Forming Clumps
01 Jun Teams 16:00 No Meeting No Meeting
08 Jun Teams 16:00 Thomas Keogh Flows of high pressure supersonic jets from circular vents


Programme of Group Talks Spring Term (Tuesday Afternoons)

Date Location Time Speaker Title
19 Jan Teams 16:00 Dr Froebrich and Tim Long Beacon Telescope Expansion Plans
26 Jan Teams 16:00 Dr Jon Tandy Replicating Hypervelocity Impact Flashes within the Solar System
2 Feb Teams 16:00 Dr Sergio Ioppolo Astrochemistry at Large Facilities
9 Feb Teams 16:00 Alejandra Traspas-Muina Can Tardigrades Survive Hypervelocity Impacts?
16 Feb Teams 16:00 Dr Chrysa Avdellidou Identification of Asteroid Families
23 Feb Teams 16:00 Aashini Patel Searching for Hypercompact HII Regions
2 March Teams 16:00 Perry Hailey Astrochemistry in the Interstellar Medium
9 March Teams 16:00 Reece Wilkinson Do Planetary Impacts Contribute to Evolutionary Change?
16 March Teams 16:00 Dan Hallatt Preliminary Results of Exploring the Bulk Behaviour of Phyllosilicates when Subject to Ryugu-relevant Thermal Conditions
23 March Teams 16:00 Andrew Burton Distribution of Masers in Star Forming Environments
30 March Teams 16:00 Luke Cornwell Development of Space Dust and Debris Detectors
6 April Teams 16:00 Danny Maksoud Producing Synthetic Models of the Milky Way


Programme of Group Talks Autumn Term

Date Location Time Speaker Title
24 Sept SPS Marquee 16:00 All Introductions
06 Oct Teams 16:00 Dr Dirk Froebrich The Beacon Observatory – Science, Outreach and Public Engagement
13 Oct Teams 16:00 Dr Tim Kinnear Computing Facilities
20 Oct Teams 16:00 Prof. Mark Burchell Dust and the Deep Space Gateway
27 Oct Teams 16:00 Dr Vassilia Spathis Impacts and Organics
3 Nov Teams 16:00 Prof. Nigel Mason Molecular synthesis is icy mantles; Laboratory experiments interpreting observational data
10 Nov Teams 16:00 Prof. Michael Smith Pulsed Jets
17 Nov Teams 16:00 Dr Matthias van Ginneken A large meteoritic event over Antarctica ca. 430 ka ago inferred from chondritic spherules from the Sør Rondane Mountains
24 Nov Teams 16:00 Duncan Mifsud Sulfur Ice Astrochemistry
01 Dec Teams 16:00 Dr Chris Lynch Simulated Outflow Interactions in HH30
08 Dec Teams 16:00 Lord Dover The YORP effect and physical modelling of near-Earth asteroids
15 Dec Teams 16:00 Aishling Dignam The ultimate passive space debris detector


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