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Centre for astrophysics and planetary science

CAPS Colloquia Series

Programme of Colloquia Talks (Wednesday Afternoons)

Date Location Time Speaker Title
17 Feb Teams 14:00 Prof. Melvin Hoare (Leeds) Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy
24 Feb Teams 14:00 Dr Timea Csengeri (Université de Bordeaux) Dissecting High-Mass Protostars and Emerging Hot Cores
3 March Teams 14:00 Prof. Mark Thompson (Herts) Galactic Plane Surveys with the SKA, its Precursors & Pathfinders
10 March Teams 14:00 Prof. Steve Longmore (Liverpool) Astro-Ecology: using astrophysics research techniques to help tackle major challenges facing the planet
17 March Teams 14:00 Dr Katherine Joy (Manchester) UK Antarctic Meteorite Project
24 March Teams 14:00 Dr Frederic Schuller (Project Manager of the STIX Aspect System on Solar Orbiter) Solar Orbiter: Mission Overview and First Data
12 May Teams 14:00 Dr Aurora Aguilar (Dundee) Reading between the lines: Probing magnetospheric accretion, winds, and the innermost disk with emission line tomography