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Homeless by Lise

How to make an artist’s book

This bookbinding workshop with book artist Tina Lyon (University of Creative Arts) covers some basic bookbinding techniques so that you can start making your own artist’s book. The workshop starts with an introduction and information on bookbinding tools and paper. It then takes you through the following:  pamphlet; running stitch; Japanese stab binding; concertina; and dos-à-dos binding.

For more videos, check our Book as Body workshop and the documentary I Make Books by Martha Hall.

Bookbinding Workshop 1: Introduction

Bookbinding Workshop 2: Bookbinding Tools

Bookbinding Workshop 3: Paper

Bookbinding Workshop 4: Pamphlet

Bookbinding Workshop 5: Running Stitch

Bookbinding Workshop 6: Japanese Stab Binding

Bookbinding Workshop 7: Concertina

Bookbinding Workshop 8: Dos-à-Dos Binding