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Abuse in Religious Settings


Abuse in Religious Settings

An AHRC-funded research project run by the Department of Religious Studies

Abuse in Religious Settings is a research project which will extend understanding of abuse across a wide range of religious contexts.

The central aim of the project is to deepen knowledge of factors that shape the context and experience of abuse in religious settings and the ways in which communities and organisations respond. It will also work closely with survivors to learn from them about the implications for them of abuse in a religious context and how they have coped with trauma. Alongside academic publications, this project will produce resources which will try to achieve more open discussion within religious communities, better training for religious leaders and safeguarding professionals, and more effective policy and regulation.

We regard survivors – and their experiences – as central to this work. We recognise that survivors’ experiences have included damaging institutional responses, being insufficiently heard in consultations, and cynicism at repeated reviews which have not led to effective change. The members of our project team are aware of this, both through their previous academic and professional work and, for some, their own experience of abuse as well.

Survivors are co-constructors of knowledge in this project and we will provide resources and support for further involvement. We will also be liaising closely with groups supporting and representing survivors throughout this work.
If you would like to discuss the project or have any more information about it, please email airs@kent.ac.uk and a member of the project team will get back in touch with you.