World anticorruption research network

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World anticorruption research network

Anti corruption research is fast becoming a recognised field of life study and this is deservedly so given the importance of the subject area to academics, research institutions, non-governmental, governmental and intergovernmental organisations. Experts within the UK are desirous of receiving up to date news and reports on anticorruption activities of foreign governments and agencies on a real time basis. The development of news in this area can be rapid and dramatic given the players in the field and the rapid and inexplicable turn of law and practice in most parts of the world.

WARN is a network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in the furtherance of anti corruption laws, policy making and judicial affairs. It is hoped that WARN will be formally launched at an event in London in September 2011.

Main activities

  • Support for teaching in anticorruption law and policy in universities and other educational institutions
  • Organising meetings and conferences at which current questions in anti corruptions law can be discussed
  • Responding to government consultations and treaty making processes on anti corruption law and policy
  • Providing an electronic mailing list, to be used e.g. for the sharing of information, and for publicising events in the field. Membership of the network is open to: