Workshop 1 – Importance of urban albedo, The Livingroom, City Hall, London

The project team along with the Greater London Authority and the London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP) organised a very successful workshop at London’s Living Room, City Hall on Monday 15th October 2018, marking the beginning of Green GB week.  The workshop ‘Urban Albedo: Digital tools for urban resilience and growth’, which was chaired by the former President of the Urban Design Group, Colin Pullan, brought together leading urban and building scientists, as well as practitioners from different backgrounds, to inform the impact of urban morphology and materials on urban albedo and its importance for health and well-being.

The full Agenda can be found here.

The presentations from the speakers included:

Urban albedo – state of knowledge and project overview – Prof. Marialena Nikolopoulou, University of Kent

London’s heat risk in a changing climate – Kristen Guida, LCCP

– Insights from practice panel: