Homelessness in the Countryside: A Hidden Crisis

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Photo by Mark Stevenson. Homeless Man, River Aire, Rodley, Leeds.

The Sounding Board is our way of checking the pulse in the sector and ensuring that our research, data, and conclusions resonate with people who experience homelessness and people who work in rural settings, in housing and in homelessness services.

Sounding Board Members

Anne-Marie Osborne, Service Manager, AKT

Lucy Holmes, Creative Change Director, Groundswell

Stephanie Wood, Head of Supported Housing, Sovereign

Jean Templeton, Chief Executive, St Basils

Bekah Ryder, National Housing Federation

Liz McCulloch, Policy and Research Manager, St Mungo’s

Tara Chapple, Business Development Manager, Porchlight

Dominic Williamson, Freelance Consultant

Greg Hurst, Centre for Homelessness Impact

Angie Airlie, Refuge

Angela Gascoigne, SHAL

Sarah Johnsen, I-Sphere, Heriot-Watt University

Lee Buss-Blair, Riverside