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Rosie 1

Rosie 1 was inspired after the publication of the Munro Review of Child Protection (2011).  This was an independent report setting out reform proposals to enable professionals to make the best judgements and to help children, young people and families. 

It is developed around an initial home visit to a family by a social worker following concerns raised by nursery staff about a 4-year-old girl, Rosie. There are a number of key features built into ‘Rosie 1’ such as;

  • The ability to move around the environment and explore certain features in the house
  • Conversation choices and subsequent reactions form the other characters
  • Points where the game stops for discussion opportunities

The University of Kent funded this research prototype simulation on child abuse based on gaming technology. The simulation was tested with over 1,700 users in statutory and voluntary agencies. Evaluation from a wide range of professionals from over 190 UK counties was analysed and output used to develop the first complete training simulation on neglect in 2012 – ‘Rosie 2

Watch Professor David Shemmings and Professor Jane Reeves discuss the making of ‘Rosie 1’, the first child protection simulation (serious training game) in this series, in the video below.

Rosie 1 is a relatively older simulation which was developed in Flash. As Flash is no longer supported, we have preserved Rosie’s early story and the learning experience this simulation can still provide via a video recording of the simulation. Of course, it loses ‘playability’ but it provides insight into this cutting-edge prototype which sparked development of the Centre’s other innovative child protection simulations. Please be encouraged to ‘pause’ the game when text options are presented and think through what you would do in that situation. Please note that this video is age restricted – so you will need to log in to view it.