Critical Studies in Risk and Uncertainty

Research interests

  • New risks in welfare
  • Children, parenting and risk
  • Risk, intimacy and sexual relations
  • Risk and the media
  • The law and ‘compensation culture’
  • Social theories of risk and uncertainty
  • Health and lifestyle risk
  • The expansion of risk management
  • Risk, crime and terrorism
  • ‘Nudge’ and the rise of behavioural economics
  • Risk, technology and environment
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Public inquiries and other institutional responses to disasters and crises
  • Risk and social work
  • The shift to evidence-based approaches
  • Risk and globalisation
  • Comparative national risk
  • Historical perspectives on the emergence of risk and uncertainty
  • Risk and regulation
  • The case of ‘Baby P’
  • Statistical modelling in relation to risk

Postgraduate research

  • Evidence-based policy-making in the UK and Australia
  • Risk and youth justice
  • ‘Preppers’: preparing for the apocalypse
  • Verity Pooke holds a 3-year ESRC scholarship to investigate the workings of risk consciousness in the provision and use of the Emergency Contraceptive Pill


Our PhD Bursary & British Library Fellowship on: ‘A Decline in Poor UK Risk Reporting?’ is part of an exciting new project to re-examine the experience of media reporting on risk in the UK, run in collaboration with the British Library and with the help of David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University.