Rethinking Fables in the Age of Global Environmental Crisis

Upcoming events

July 25-26, 2024  AI and Other Scientific Fables

School of Cybernetics, ANU (and online): Keynote Speaker: Professor Sherryl Vint (University of California, Riverside)

Organisers:  Chris Danta (ANU) and Matthew Chrulew (Curtin University)


September 12-13, 2024, Global Fables (online)

Enquiries: Kaori Nagai  [E-mail: ]


October 25, 2024, Animal Languages (online)

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Speakers: Leonie Cornips (Maastricht University), Christiane Bongartz (University of Colgne), Ana M. Ochoa ( Columbia University)                                      plus a workshop with Susan Richardson


Recent events

May 27 2024 (online)
Pigeons, Tigers, and Vampire Bats: On Ethnonationalism, Hospitality, and Kinship in South Asia (Chair: Radhika Govindrajan)

This panel explores South Asian fables about human relationships with more-than-human entities. Drawing on songs, films, and stories about bats, pigeons, tigers, and elephants, the panel explores how “folktales”, old and new, animate questions of ethnonationalism, militarization, hospitality, and kinship.

Muhammad Kavesh (Australian National University), Ethics of Welcoming Pigeons in Pakistan

Dolly Kikon (University of California, Santa Cruz), Tiger, Spirit, Man: Creation Journey and Relationship in the Naga World

Mythri Jegathesan (Santa Clara University), Vampire bats, white blood, and thirsty elephants: fabulating ethnonationalism on Sri Lanka’s plantations

Enquiries: Kaori Nagai  [E-mail: ]