In the PLAS group we are keen to train our PhD students and postdocs to be the best researchers they can be. We therefore run a specialised research training seminar series during term time, providing an opportunity to discuss and learn from each other in an informal and friendly setting. Workshops and seminars are combined with panel discussions and interviews with other PLAS academics about their past or current projects and research methods.

Current 2022/23 schedule

  • 4th October – Reading papers and organising reading
  • 18th October – Writing as a tool of thought
  • 1st November – Being stuck, gracefully
  • 15th November – Developing research software in PLAS: when, what, why, how, who
  • 29th November – Artefact evaluation and reproducibility
  • 13th December – Interview with PLAS academic

Past sessions

  • (13/07/2021) Writing a paper rebuttal
  • (20/07/2021) How to have ideas
  • (07/09/2021) Git tips and tricks round table
  • (14/09/2021) How to use ott for managing language definitions in papers
  • (04/10/2021) Literature reviewing, reading papers, and keeping tabs on what you read
  • (19/10/2021) Interview with Tomas Petricek about his ‘Type providers’ work
  • (26/10/2021) Interview with Stefan Marr on his work on Tracing vs. Partial Evaluation
  • (16/11/2021) Interview with Simon Cooksey on his work on Modular Relaxed Dependencies and industry internships
  • (30/11/2021) Discussion on Academic websites, blogging, and general web presence with Tomas, Stefan, and Dominic