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Programming Languages and Systems Research Group

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Former postgraduates

Former Postgraduates

Name Degree Project
Stephen Adams PhD Data Driven Refractorings for Haskell
Chris Bailey PhD Self-Adaptive Authorisation Infrastructures
Fred Barnes PhD Dynamics and Pragmatics of High-Performance Concurrency
Edward Barrett PhD Range Analysis of Binaries with Decision Procedures
Florence Benoy PhD Polyhedral Domains for Abstract Interpretation in Logic Programming
Eric Bonnici PhD Mobile Processes and Channels: Tools for Dynamic Complex Systems
Neil Brown PhD Communicating Haskell Processes
Chris Brown PhD Tool Support for Refactoring Haskell Programs
Matthew Mole PhD A Study of Thread-Local Garbage Collection for Multi-Core Systems
Damian Dimmich PhD A Process Oriented Approach to Solving Problems of Parallel Decomposition and Distribution
Maarten Faddegon PhD Algorithmic debugging for complex lazy functional programs
Rodolfo Gomez PhD Verification of Real-Time Systems: Improving Tool Support
Konstantin Kapinchev PhD Scalable Parallel Optimisation of Digital Signal Processing in the Fourier Domain
Neil Kettle PhD Anytime Algorithms for ROBDD Symmetry Detection and Approximation
Jael Kriener PhD Towards A Verified Determinacy Analysis for Prolog including cut
Pablo Lamela Seijas PhD Model Construction, Evolution, and Use in Testing of Software Systems
Sebastian Marion PhD Using Class-Level Static Properties to Predict Object Lifetimes
Ralph Miarka PhD Inconsistency and Underdefinedness in Z Specifications
Bala Modi PhD FPGA-based High Throughput Regular Expression Pattern Matching for Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Carl Ritson PhD Scalable Support for Process-orientated Programming
Edward Robbins PhD Solvers for Type Recovery and Decompilation of Binaries
Thomas Schilling PhD Trace-based Just-in-time Compilation for Lazy Functional Programming Languages
Chris Silles PhD Provenance-Aware CXXR
Axel Simon PhD Value-Range Analysis of C Programs with Focus on Finding Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
Jon Simpson PhD High Level Paradigms for the Structuring of Concurrent Systems
Jan-Georg Smaus PhD Modes and Types in Logic Programming
Connor Smith PhD Optimal Sharing Graphs for Substructural Higher-Order Rewriting Systems
Maarten Steen PhD Consistency and Composition of Process Specifications