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At the Centre for Practical Normativity, we think that philosophy involves improving the world as much as understanding it. The Centre aims to bring together cutting edge philosophical research on questions of normativity (values, reasons, and norms) to contemporary practical issues in politics, economics, and medicine. The Centre adopts an inclusive philosophical approach to exploring the connections between the abstract and practical, welcoming both analytic and continental contributions to questions of practical normativity.

Founded on the belief that philosophical reflection often starts from everyday thought, the Centre is firmly committed to the practical application of philosophy outside traditional academia through collaboration with policy makers, clinicians, lawyers, and technology firms. The Centre provides a research hub for philosophical activity and networks in ways that address vital concerns of society.

Upcoming events

Epistemic Injustice, Reasons, Agency
1-2 May 2019, University of Kent

This is the second event of a collaborative project on ‘Epistemic Injustice, Reasons and Agency’ led by Veli Mitova (University of Johannesburg) and Lubomira Radoilska (University of Kent) and supported by a British Academy Advanced Newton Fellowship Award (2018-2020). The focus will be on the role of reasons in epistemic injustice.

ETMP Editors’ Workshop and Roundtable on ‘How to Get Published
3 May 2019, 13.45–17.00, University of Kent

The workshop will include work-in-progress talks and a roundtable on ‘How to Get Published’, which will be of particular interest to early-career researchers and postgraduate students. For more information, email Lubomira Radoilska.

‘Aesthetics and comedy: how to do things with jokes’
25-27 October 2019, University of Kent

By bringing comedy writers and practitioners together with philosophers we can potentially change how comedians understand their craft, but also add fresh impetus to debates in aesthetics, ethics, and theoretical philosophy about how comedy works and what it is for. For more information, email philosophyandcomedy@kent.ac.uk.

Lectures and seminars

The Centre’s public lecture and research seminar series provide a forum in which colleagues from the University of Kent and from other universities in the UK and abroad can present aspects of their current research in the field of practical normativity and related topics. Public lectures are sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy.


The Centre hosts regular conferences, such as its inaugural event “Eating Animals” (June 2017) and the recent “The Future of Normativity” (June 2018) and Emotional Politics (May 2018).

Current projects

Our Projects page has information about how Kent philosophers are bringing their research to bear on non-academic institutions with the aim of promoting better understanding and practice.