IQTN Workshop on Tensor Networks for Chiral Topological Phases

This workshop is designed to advance the theoretical understanding and the development of numerical algorithms for the representation of chiral topological phases of matter in two dimensions. The topic raises fundamental questions about the representational power of tensor networks and in particular projected entangled pair states, the structure of the resulting chiral tensor networks and in particular their entanglement spectrum, the connections to conformal field theories, and how to incorporate these insights into the development of new algorithmic approaches to two-dimensional tensor networks.

The workshop will be held at Cosener’s House, Abindgin, the STFC Conference Centre located near Oxford, UK, on Dec 12-14, 2023.

Speakers include: Thorsten Wahl (Cambridge); Carolin Wille (Oxford); Laurens Vanderstraeten (Brussels); Mark Arildsen (SISSA); Maria Hermanns (Stockholm), Nicolas Regnault (Paris / Princeton); Juraj Hasic (Amsterdam); Anne Nielsen (Aahus); German Sierra (Madrid); Mathieu Mambrini (Toulouse)

A full programme with links to presentations give at the workshop can be found on the programme page. A PDF schedule can be downloaded here .

This Workshop of the International Quantum Tensor Network is organised by Gunnar Möller (University of Kent), Didier Poilblanc (CNRS / LPT Toulouse), Frank Verstraete (DAMTP – University of Cambridge / University of Ghent) and Norbert Schuch (University of Vienna).

For registration information, please see the IQTN page here.

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