Microeconomics Research group

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Microeconomics Research Group

A group focusing on microeconomics research, funding, policy, impact and dissemination

The Microeconomics Research Group brings together a large group of researchers in the School of Economics whose interests span applied and theoretical microeconomics and microeconometrics.

The purpose of the group is to be the focus for microeconomics research, funding, policy, impact and dissemination at the University of Kent.

The group covers interests in a wide range of microeconomics areas with the main focus being on development economics, labour and education economics, microeconometrics, games and behavioural economics, the economics of food, economic geography, industrial organisation and the economics of tax.

MRG members have undertaken research funded by the ESRC, the European Commission, the European Union,  The Cabinet Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, European Overseas Development Administration, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department for Transport, Nuffield Foundation, Leverhulme Trust, British Academy, US National Science Foundation, the World Bank and Australian AID.

MRG members have a wide range of experience in applied policy advice. Members have been consultants to and worked for the European Union, OECD, Institute of Fiscal Studies, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Her Majesty’s Treasury, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, Department for Transport, Department for International Development, African Development Bank and UNCTAD.

We offer advanced training at PhD level, and consultancy and training services for both the private sector and policy institutions.

MRG’s research is published in top international peer-reviewed journals such as American Economic Journal: Economic PolicyEconomic JournalEconomicaEconomics LettersEconomic TheoryEuropean Economic ReviewGames and Economic BehaviourInternational Economic ReviewJournal of Comparative EconomicsJournal of Development EconomicsJournal of Economic Behavior and OrganizationJournal of Economic GeographyJournal of Economic TheoryJournal of Labor EconomicsJournal of Political EconomyJournal of Population EconomicsJournal of Risk and UncertaintyOxford Economic PapersReview of Economics and StatisticsThe B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicyThe Economic History ReviewWorld Development.