Materials for Energy and Electronics

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Materials for Energy and Electronics (MEE)

There is an ever-increasing need to develop new materials to enable the novel technologies required by modern society in a sustainable fashion. The Materials for Energy and Electronics (MEE) group has a broad range of expertise in developing materials key for such applications. This includes creation of new materials, physical property investigation and developing the understanding of their atomic, magnetic and electronic structures, crucial to optimising their properties.

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Research incorporates both experimental and computational approaches, including, well-established expertise in central neutron, X-ray and computational facilities. Current focuses include materials for Li and Na-ion batteries, photovoltaic cells, nanoparticles and glasses for environmental remediation, ferroelectric materials for energy storage and sensing and magnetic materials for cooling and data storage. The ability to apply similar techniques to cultural heritage artifacts, particularly X-ray based approaches, leads to a significant additional focus on studying these materials, including a long-term ongoing collaboration with the Mary Rose Trust.

The group is always keen to recruit talented PhD and research masters students as well as research fellows in research areas aligned with the MEE group. Any current vacancies will be advertised in the groups newsfeed below. We are also keen to support potential applicants applying for research fellowships and studentships. Please contact us if you are considering such an application to a UK scheme or, for researchers based internationally, to funders from your home country.