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The workshops will take place entirely online, in the form of webinars, using the Zoom platform. To request access credentials to the initiative, please contact

The workshops

1st workshop’s programme

DAY 1 – 22 September 2021, 2.30pm-6.30pm (continental time)  



Barbara Bombi, Introduction and project presentation  

3-4pm:Governmental techniques and diplomacy.

David D’Avray, “Comparative governmental technique and shared legal culture in Late Middle Ages”  

Jochen Johrendt - Respondent and QA session 

4-5pm: Scholarly debates on Medieval diplomacy

Barbara Bombi, “Scholarly debate on Medieval diplomacy”  

Isabella Lazzarini and Sebastian Sobecki - respondents and QA session   


5-6pm: Diplomacy and the management of political affairs 1 (12th-13th c., England and beyond): 

Caterina Cappuccio, “The diplomacy of the apostolic see: the papal chapel (1198-1241)” 

Thomas William Smith, English diplomacy centred on benefices in the thirteenth century” 

Frédérique Lachaud – respondent and QA session 

Break-out rooms (15 min)  


DAY 2 – 23 September 2021, 3pm-6.30pm (continental time) 


3-4pm: Diplomacy and the management of political affairs 2

Patrick Zutshi, “Anglo-papal relations in the Avignon period” 

Kirsi Salonen, “SCISMA: careers, offices, networks and practices of the Roman curia in the Schism” 

Remy Ambuhl, respondent and QA session 


4-5pm: Diplomacy and the management of political affairs 3 (14th-15th c.) 

Jessika Nowak, “Keep it secret! Dos and don’ts for Milanese envoys in the 15th century”

Fabrice Delivré, respondent and QA session 

 5-6pm: Diplomacy and the management of political affairs 4 (East)

Georg Strack, What offered the popes to save the Christians in the East? Papal crusadingdiplomacy in late medieval Europa (ca. 1250-1450)” 

Irene Bueno, “The papacy and the Armenians in the Avignon period: challenges of a multifaceted diplomacy”

Iben Fonnesberg Schmidt, respondent and QA session 

Break-out rooms (15 min) 

2nd workshop’s programme


DAY 1 – 12 January 2022, 10.00-13.30 (Continental Time)


Barbara Bombi, Welcome and Introduction


10-11am: Kathleen B. Neal, Political communication in the thirteenth century (30 min.) – David D’Avray respondent / chair of QA session


11-12pm: Barbara Bombi, The Language in Late Medieval Diplomacy (30 min.) – Stéphane Pequignot respondent / chair of QA session


12-13pm: Round table, Diplomatic records 1 (10 min. presentations)

Iberian Peninsula (Maria Joao Branco and Herminia Vasconcelos Vilar, Stéphane Pequignot); Italy (Patrizia Sardina, Isabella Lazzarini) – Jochen Johrendt, moderator


DAY 2, 13 January 2022 10.00-13.30 (Continental Time)


10.00-11.00: Anne Curry, Diplomacy and its records: French, Gascon and Norman Rolls (30 min.) – Frédérique Lachaud, respondent / chair of QA session


11.00-12.00pm: Paul Dryburgh and Sean Cunningham, TNA and its diplomatic records (30 min.) – Rémy Ambuhl, respondent / chair of QA session



Round table, Diplomatic records 2 (10 min. presentations):

Vatican Archive (Patrick Zutshi, Jadranka Neralic)

French Archives (Frédérique Lachaud, Christine Barralis, Fabrice Delivré) – Melanie Brunner, moderator

3rd workshop’s programme


DAY 1 – 27 April 2022, 9.30-13.00 (CEST)


9.30-10.30 am: Round table, Ceremonies and cultural diplomacy, roundtable. Frédérique LachaudGeorg Strack, – Melanie Brunner chair


10.40-11.40 pm: Treaty making and the law. Anne Curry on the treaty of Troyes – Sean Cunningham, respondent


11.45-13.00 pm: Round table, Arbitration and treaties in Late Medieval Europe. Maria Joao Branco, Irene Bueno – David D’Avray, chair


DAY 2, 28 April 2022 9.30 – 13.00 (Continental Time)


9.30-10.30: Diplomatic legations. Maria Pia Alberzoni, Jochen Johrendt – Barbara Bombi, respondent


10.40-11.40pm: Writing arbitrations and treaties. Jenny Benham – Rémy Ambuhl, respondent


12.00-13.00pm: Where do we go next? Collaboration and funded project