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Consultancy and training

MaGHiC currently offers advanced training in dynamic macroeconomic models (DSGEs) and macroeconometrics at PhD level.

Our members are leading experts on their respective areas and we can offer external training and consultancy in the following areas:


  • Macroeconomic models for policy and forecasting: medium and large scale models
  • Labour market analysis
  • Macroeconometrics and forecasting techniques
  • Computational methods for economic problems
  • Macroeconomics of the yield curve


  • Model building and assessment
  • Forecasting
  • Country and comparative analysis
  • Understanding the impact of macroeconomic policies and policy evaluation
  • Historical data building, national account reconstruction, and data analysis

Examples of previous consultancy work by MaGHiC members

  • Real business cycle theory and the Japanese economy (Bank of Japan)
  • Estimation of supply side for macroeconomic models (European Central Bank)
  • Business cycle accounting for Japan and Asia (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)
  • Real and nominal convergence in accession countries (European Central Bank)
  • Structural transformation and productivity in Asia (Asian Development Bank)
  • Interest rate effects of public debt (Bank for International Settlements)