Co-producing research: learning to work together

Listen to our virtual panel discussion

Held on 30th March 2022, our panellists shared their insights on topics of interest for co-production and health & social care research.

Our panellists were:

Charlotte Brigden is the Research Facilitator for Pilgrims Hospices in east Kent and an honorary researcher with CHSS, University of Kent. Charlotte has extensive experience supporting patient and public involvement in health services research and she currently supports the development of new research within Pilgrims.

Lynn Laidlaw I live with a rare disease and multiple long term conditions. A four year diagnostic odyssey prompted my involvement as a patient and public contributor. I am part of a small team who are co producing a qualitative research project, on which I am both an investigator and patient researcher.

Dr Elspeth Mathie is a Reader in Health and Social Care Inclusion in the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care, University of Hertfordshire and a member of Patient Experience and Public Involvement Research Unit. She is also co-lead of the Inclusive Involvement in Research Theme in the NIHR, Applied Research Collaboration, East of England. She has extensive research experience with a focus on involving those with lived experience and members of the public in health and social care research. Her research interests include older people, care homes, end of life care and dementia.

Dr Diana Ramsey is an Occupational Therapist working in Kent Community Health Foundation Trust and currently a Darzi Fellow with the ARC KSS.  Diana specialises in working with people who have a learning disability and has a strong belief in applied research being a core part of clinical practice, co-produced with the population being supported.

The event has been organised by the ‘Co-production Lab’, University of Kent: Nadia Brookes, Vanessa Abrahamson and Amanda Bates from the Centre for Health Services Studies and Lisa Richardson, Personal Social Services Research Unit. They are supported by funding awarded to the University of Kent from Research England.

The panel discussion will be recorded and available after the event.

Further information:

We have produced this guide A Guide to Co-Production for Researchers, Services and Commissoners which is intended as an introduction to co-production and its conceptualisation in research and service delivery.

Our Co-production case studies guide has been produced by the NIHR ARC KSS Co-production team, and includes examples of real NIHR ARC KSS case studies.

The Systematic Reviews for Researchers, Services and Commissioners guide critiques a selection of systematic reviews that use co-production in a meaningful way.