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Kent Fungal Group

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The Kent Fungal Group represents one of the largest collections of fungal research groups in the UK. Research within the KFG makes use of a variety of yeast systems to approach questions that underpin fundamentals of cell biology and human disease. In addition the KFG researchers are unravelling aspects of fungal pathogenicity that further our understanding of human and plant disease. The KFG also actively engages in research programmes with industrial partners in the Biopharmaceutical industry who utilise yeasts in recombinant protein production.

We are part of the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent, based on the Canterbury Campus in South East England, around one hour from central London by train.

Kent has a rich legacy in biological sciences since the University opened in the 1960s. The Kent Fungal Group are always on the lookout for talented researchers at all stages of their careers and regularly have openings. We are especially interested to hear from those wishing to apply for fellowship funding to study within the UK or to establish their own group.

For further information about the possibilities that we have please fill in the contact link below and we will get in touch ASAP..

Kent Fungal Group Research Interests

  • Principles of eukaryotic molecular and cell biology
    • Protein quality control​ and aggregation
    • Cell stress and death
    • Cytoskeleton
    • Genome regulation
    • Epigenetics
    • Cell signalling
    • Mitochondrial function
  • Fungal Pathogenicity
    • Cell biology​
    • Host/pathogen interactions
    • Drug Resistance
    • Antifungal development
    • Biofilms and the microbiome
  • Synthetic biology and biotechnology
    • Synthetic networks​
    • Optimisation and development of recombinant protein production