Sports Therapy, Physical Activity and Health Research Group (HRG)

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Sports Therapy, Physical Activity and Health Research Group (HRG)

The aim of this research is to apply sport and exercise sciences to research in sports therapy, health behaviour and various patient groups

Current areas of investigation include:
  • Exercise training and fatigue in patients with cancer and chronic kidney disease
  • The role of perception of effort in physical activity behaviour
  • Rehabilitation after articular cartilage repair of the knee
  • Properties and function of specialised connective tissues including lumbar fascia
  • Nutritional and exercise aspects of arthritis
  • Online health communities and web-based clinical decision support systems
  • Cardiorespiratory testing, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation in cardiac patients and patients referred to surgery
  • How to prevent and treat hamstring injuries in rugby players
  • Exercise and physical activity in antiphospholipid syndrome
  • Return to sports participation