Centre for Global Science and Epistemic Justice

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Centre for Global Science and Epistemic Justice

Promoting responsible science and innovation, enabling inclusive social and policy debates

The Centre for Global Science and Epistemic Justice (GSEJ) is dedicated to exploring the inter-relations between epistemic justice and the sciences (including the natural sciences, computing and engineering) and their impact on individual life opportunities as well as our global future. It brings together research expertise in sociology, law, cultural studies, philosophy, history, anthropology, religious study, education, bioscience and computer sciences to promote inclusive and socially just knowledge production, legitimisation, and application in the global age. 

GSEJ serves as a hub for transdisciplinary and international collaboration on major research programmes, promoting accountable science, expanding public engagement potential, and enabling inclusive policy debates. 

Our intellectual agenda is two-fold: 1) to understand how emerging science and technology perpetuate and reshape value paradigms and vice versa and, 2) to investigate how inclusive and socially-sustainable production and application of knowledge can be promoted in a global yet ideologically fragmented world. 

The Centre hosts regular seminars and public events. We have organised a series of international dialogues on the ethical application of human heritable genome editing and CRISPR technology with Chinese scientists, bioethicists and regulators (Report 1, Report 2).  We co-hosted a G20 India-UK dialogue on science diplomacy. Additionally, we have hosted discussions on citizen science in Brazil, water security in India, climate actions in Costa Rica and on equity implications of human enhancement. We’re also working with the black communities in the UK to remove barriers to stem cell donation and to promote health equality.

We welcome postgraduate applications, visiting scholars, and collaboration on event organisation.

If you want to join our mailing list or want to share your ideas, please drop us an email: GSEJ@kent.ac.uk.

Follow us on Twitter/X: @CentreEpistemic; Mastodon: @GSEJ@sciences.social