Gender, Sexuality and Writing

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Gender, Sexuality and Writing

Being the first institution in the UK to set up an MA in gender studies, the University of Kent has a long and distinguished tradition of research and teaching in this field.

The Centre for Gender, Sexuality, and Writing promotes research in this area by seminars, postgraduate reading groups, poetry readings, colloquia and conferences. The Centre is an outwardly focused research and teaching collective, which delivers several public lectures each academic year. The Janet Montefiore public lecture attracts distinguished researchers in the fields of gender, sexuality, and queer theory and is held annually during the spring term.

The Centre has particular research strengths in the histories of sexuality and gender and is currently developing an exciting new MA programme in ‘Gender, Sexuality and Literary Histories’. Along with other staff in the School of English, we currently offer supervision in a range of queer, sexualities, and gender-related studies from the medieval and early modern period to contemporary writing.