Gender, Sexuality and Culture

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Gender, Sexuality and Culture

Producing critical theories based on research concerning questions of gender, sexuality and feminism.

This research cluster produces critical theories based on qualitative and quantitative research of an empirical, theoretical and textual nature concerning questions of gender, sexuality and feminism.

Members have diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, social policy, criminology, victimology, cultural studies, history, urban studies, geography, media studies and law. This varied range of subject specialisms underpins members’ theoretical and empirical contributions to a wide range of areas and topics including: feminist theory and practice, post-colonial theory, queer theory, critical race studies, sexuality studies, gendered embodiment, gendered divisions of labour, gender-based violence, homophobic hate crime, gender and the work-life balance, masculinities theories, clothing and the ageing processes, women and retirement, and radical women’s history.

Affiliates of this research cluster share a common aim of producing impactful work that informs both popular and political debates. Their knowledge and skills have been harnessed by the community, voluntary and statutory sectors, and have also directly informed media debates by challenging popular misconceptions and prejudices relating to gender and sexuality. Members demonstrate their investment in the research environment through publishing, peer reviewing and editing across a range of international academic journals, as well as mentoring students who are seeking to further their own academic careers in gender and sexuality studies.

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