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Kent Business School Finance Group

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Kent Business School Finance Group

Director of Group | Professor Anastasiya Shamshur

The Finance Group at Kent Business School produces world-leading research directed to academics and practitioners. Group members aim to improve academic understanding of finance. They address methodological issues together with the development of new financial management tools, which are widely adopted by active members of the financial sector.

Research by the Finance Group at Kent Business School addresses major practical and academic challenges facing the financial sector today. The Finance Group engages with other academics having collaborated with over 100 different academic institutions worldwide since 2014. They have co-authored 94 publications with external partners in the same period. Members of the group carry out impactful research, applied by top financial institutions such as Eurobank (Greece and Romania) or Analysis Group Inc (USA).

Currently our researchers are part of several exciting and innovative projects. Jaideep Oberoi is collaborating with the University of Waterloo (Canada) to explore strategies for home equity release for elderly citizens. Nikolaos Voukelatos is looking into the applicability of risk modelling for predicting hedge-fund returns. Vasileos Pappas is working together with colleagues from the University of Bath looking into the potential correlation between relationship lending (the financial practice where borrowers and lenders have close ties) and financial risk. Anastasiya Shamshur together with colleagues from the University of East Anglia and Duke University (US) explores what characteristics of the institutional and economic environment, as well as organizational factors, are conducive to growth by firms with promising (i.e., more novel) ideas.

World-Leading Experts

Researchers from the Finance Group at Kent Business School are exploring the links between corporate finance and its links to stakeholder groups.

Research conducted by the Finance Group falls broadly into the following categories:

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Derivatives Pricing
  3. Risk Management
  4. Financial Econometrics
  5. International Banking
  6. Financial Regulations
  7. Asset Pricing
  8. Real-Estate Modelling

Our researchers are highly regarded in their respective fields. They sit in journal editorial boards and regularly act as peer-reviewers for highly respected journals and funding bodies such as ‘Journal of Banking and Finance’, ‘International Review of Economics and Finance’, the ‘Journal of Financial Services Research’, ‘Strategic Management Journal’ or the ESRC among others.