Endurance Research Group

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Endurance Research Group

Working within the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the ERG aims to enhance endurance based research

For the purpose of this research group, endurance performance includes not only exercise tolerance and traditional endurance sports like road cycling, but any kind of performance in which resistance to fatigue is important.

For example, resistance to mental fatigue in soldiers and repeated sprint ability in team sports players. We define endurance exercise as any form of prolonged exercise. 

Current areas of investigation include:

  • Psychobiological, neuromuscular, and bioenergetic aspects of exercise tolerance
  • Cycling efficiency
  • Modelling of cycling performance and training
  • The use of psychological skills in endurance athletes
  • Novel methods to measure VO2max, Critical Power and Anaerobic Work Capacity
  • Factors affecting self-paced endurance performance
  • Effects of exercise on immune function and infection risk
  • Effects of nutrition on exercise performance and fatigue
  • Asthma in endurance athletes
  • Novel training methods to reduce mental fatigue in soldiers and endurance athletes

For more information on ERG research, please visit the profile page on Google Scholar.