Digital Humanities at Kent

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Postgraduate study

The University offers a range of well-structured and ambitious postgraduate programmes covering a variety of topics focused on the research specialisms of different academic areas of the University and informed by a proven commitment to research excellence. You can choose to study on either a taught Master’s or a research programme and our interdisciplinary postgraduate community allows staff and students to interact and exchange ideas with others outside of their specialism.

We also provide a strong framework of support through our Graduate School. The School is committed to career skills development for all students, demonstrated by our advanced training workshops, Global Skills Award and Researcher Development Programme.

Within the Digital Humanities, relevant postgraduate programmes are available in:

School of European Culture and Languages

School of Arts

School of English

Kent School of Architecture and Planning

School of Computing

Centre for Music and Audio Technology

School of Engineering and Digital Arts

School of History

Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies