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Development Economics Research Centre at Kent

Tackling long-standing development questions and emerging challenges using a diverse set of perspectives and approaches

DeReCK logoHow is it that some countries are able to achieve transformational growth and a rise in living standards while others remain mired in poverty? What are the barriers that prevent impoverished individuals, social groups and states from emulating the successes of richer ones? How should governments, citizens and international organisations address the types of problems faced by poor individuals and disadvantaged social groups in low-income countries? These are some of the main questions that the field of Development Economics aims to address.

Research in Development Economics has been a particular strength at the University of Kent since its founding in 1965. Today, the Development Economics Research Centre at Kent carries on that tradition by bringing together a large contingent of economists with expertise in inequality, conflict, political economy, institutions, social norms, gender, culture, networks, migration, health, education, labour markets, trade, firms and informality. The group is focused on the use of applied microeconomic research methods to address the major challenges that developing countries are faced with today.